Please tidy up listed building phone box in Sutton Bridge

Glass on the floor of the phone box.
Glass on the floor of the phone box.
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A call has gone out from a former Sutton Bridge parish councillor for BT to tidy up a listed building phone box, which stands on East Bank close to Cross Keys Bridge.

Vicky Hills says panes of glass are smashed – with glass left inside and outside the box – and the box is in desperate need of a new coat of red paint.

The phone box is considered a possible life-saver, being so close to the River Nene, because mobile phone signals are often lost in the village and it could be the only means of summoning help in an emergency.

Mrs Hills is on the warpath over the county council pulling the plug on much of its grass cutting in the village and she believes the state of the phone box is another example of authorities neglecting the village.

She said: “I am getting so disgusted at the state of Sutton Bridge in general.”

A BT spokesman told us yesterday: “The issue with the phone box at Sutton Bridge has only been reported to us today and we’ll get someone out to look at it as quickly as possible.

“We replaced seven panes of glass here in 2016 and while our engineers keep a regular eye out for damage, it’s impossible to monitor every box every week with tens of thousands across the UK.

“This phone box was most recently repainted four years ago, but we’ll assess its current state when repairing the damage.”

In 2014, BT applied to hand over the phone box to a heart charity that wanted to replace the phone with a defibrillator. But the parish council objected to the plan, saying the phone itself could be a life-saver in an accident on the Nene or the A17.

At the time, then parish councillor Jenny Rowe said: “It’s needed there. Many years ago, when the bridge was swung, a car went into the river and people died. I am going back a long time – to the late ’70s or the ’80s.”

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