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'Holbeach drivers - look out for ducks crossing'

I am the chair lady of the Tigers bar and social club in Holbeach. Opposite the club there is a drain and a lot of ducks and their babies live there. Very often you see the ducks crossing the road to go into the park – many motorists are kind and stop for them to cross, but sometimes a motorist will go too fast and run over the poor things, leaving them badly injured or dead.

This morning two ducks – a female and male – have been run over on Park Lane, leaving one dead and the over badly injured. The people that do this should not be driving because, if you can’t see ducks near the middle of a road, your eyesight isn’t good enough for driving.

With the help of a man and his daughter who stopped, I fetched a box and took the injured duck to the vets on West End in Holbeach who thanked me very much. I would think the poor thing would have to be put to sleep but at least it wouldn’t be in pain any more.

Letters (15936350)
Letters (15936350)

Please, please drive carefully and be vigilant near water as many birds are there and they have as much right as you to enjoy our countryside. I would like some signs to go up warning drivers to slow down, but I have written to the highways before and had no response.

Families with their small children enjoy the ducks so please think before driving fast – it is a 30-mile-an-hour road but not many keep to it.

D Hardy

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