Please hit the brakes near South Holland’s Schools

Drivers are failing to stop for the lollipop, says Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. SG060916-203TW

Speeding motorists have crashed into parked cars in two accidents near a primary school’s gates in the space of a few weeks.

Mum Carol Beeton, of Queens Road, Spalding, spoke out as county road safety chiefs revealed a rising number of drivers flout the law by failing to “stop for the lollipop”.

Mum Carol Beeton beside two parked cars damaged on Saturday. SG060916-201TW

Carol lives almost opposite St Paul’s Community Primary School, which has an advisory 20mph limit, and says: “Speeding on this road is terrible.”

Towards the end of June, a newly-qualified driver came speeding along the road and hit her neighbour’s car.

“Her car shunted into the back of ours,” said Carol. “Both our cars were write-offs.”

As Carol spoke to the Guardian on Tuesday, there were two parked cars nearby that were damaged in a similar shunt accident caused by a speeding driver on Saturday.

While Spalding Guardian staff were there, at school leaving time, one vehicle was travelling around 40mph through both the 30mph limit and the advisory 20mph.

St Paul’s head teacher Kira Nicholls and parents say speeding is an issue but, so far, drivers have stopped for the lollipop lady.

Ms Nicholls said: “Thankfully our lollipop lady is treated well and I do not know of any major incidents. None have been brought to my attention. “I have, however, sent out the letter to our parents that was written by the Road Safety Partnership as a reminder.

“Maggie Holden, our patrol lady, has been doing the job for quite a number of years and I know the school community keep an eye out for her, too.”

She accepts speeding is an issue during the school day and in the evenings.

Ms Nicholls said: “Sadly, some of our children cross the roads independently at these times and are indeed at risk.

“I would like to see the area around school set at a 20mph zone or at least have the sensor displays that show the speed of the drivers to raise awareness. This would be a start at least.”

A Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman said: “Sadly, in recent months, there has been an increasing number of incidents where drivers have failed to stop for school crossing patrols compromising the safety of everyone crossing the road, including young children and their parents.

“Help us stop those who fail to respect the law and all those using the crossing by reporting this despicable and dangerous behaviour and making a drive-through taboo.”

• Please call reporter Lynne Harrison in our newsroom on 01775 765413 if you have seen a driver ignoring a school crossing patrol’s instruction to stop.

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