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South Lincolnshire's Jerry Green Dog Rescue is hoping to find Tammy her forever home

Could you open your heart to the beautiful Tammy this Christmas?

Staff at Jerry Green Dog Rescue's South Lincolnshire site have been caring for Tammy since last August are hoping that she will at last find her forever home.

Her favourite thing is to be cuddled up on the sofa with someone who loves her.

Tammy is looking for her forever home (23241796)
Tammy is looking for her forever home (23241796)

She is a very sweet girl and staff cannot believe she is still looking for her forever home.

Tammy would like to be the only pet and could live with children age 12 plus.

She loves quiet country walks and evenings curled up next to the fire.

Tammy is looking for her forever home (23241804)
Tammy is looking for her forever home (23241804)

If you think you could give Tammy the gift of a forever home this Christmas, please call us on 01205 260546 or email at slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk.

Thank you for supporting the stall at Boston and Stamford markets

Did you join staff at the Boston and Stamford markets?

Jerry Green Dog Rescue stall (23241793)
Jerry Green Dog Rescue stall (23241793)


If you did staff would like to say a big thank to those who braved the cold weather to show your support.

The two events raised a lot of money, which as the weather is turning colder helps us to keep our dogs warm and well-loved through the cold winter months.

If you are interested in attending more of events, why not opt-in to receive regular updates on our website?

Staff will be at Sutterton Veterinary Hospital on Sunday for the Annual Santa Paws event where your four-legged friend can meet Santa Paws and receive their very own Christmas present.

The team will also be running a raffle and other festive fun activities.

So please pop along.

Nose to palm is a good training trip with recall and...getting off the sofa

Teaching your dog to touch their nose to the palm of your hand can be useful for many reasons.

It can be used as a recall cue, to get your dog on or off furniture or even to get them to focus on you when they’re distracted. The best thing about this multi-use cue is that it is really simple to teach, just follow the steps below:

Rub a piece of food on your hand so your dog can smell it and present your hand with a flat palm within reaching distance of them. When your dog sniffs and touches your hand with their nose ‘mark’ this moment exactly when it happens with a “yes” and give them a treat.

Repeat this several times, remembering to always mark the behaviour with the “yes” marker and give the treat instantly.

When your dog is consistently touching his nose to your hand as you hold it out, you can add the verbal cue.Say “touch” and a few seconds later present your hand- your dog should form an association between the word “touch” and the hand signal as it is repeated.

To start with, practice this in low distraction environments like inside the house, so that it is easy for your dog to concentrate on you.

As they get better at it, you can move onto practicing in different environments and contexts, such as on a walk or try using it to get them off the sofa.

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