Pleas to cyclists to ‘get off the pavement’ after cafe worker injured

Rumblings worker Tracey Graves says action needs to be taken over people cycling on the pavement. (SG121017-134TW)
Rumblings worker Tracey Graves says action needs to be taken over people cycling on the pavement. (SG121017-134TW)
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A worker at a Spalding cafe was knocked to the ground after a cyclist came ‘flying’ down the pavement in The Crescent.

The member of staff, who works at cafe and takeaway Rumblings, said the cyclist collided into her outside the takeaway shop on the corner with Francis Street.

It happened as she was trying to cross the road on Wednesday morning (October 11) to Rumbling’s cafe on the opposite side of The Crescent.

The cyclist knocked her to the ground and fell off his bike. He then got up and cycled off, leaving her shaken and with bruising to one side of her body.

Cafe owner Phil Davis said cyclists coming the wrong way down the pavement and down the alleyway behind the shop is an ongoing issue. This is despite a sign on the pavement saying ‘no cycling’.

Tracey Graves, who also works at Rumblings, said there are regularly near misses, and she had nearly been run into herself last week.

She said: “It is a massive problem. It’s worse early in the morning or when people are going home and it’s both adults and children. We tell them to stop and get off the path and they just stick two fingers up.

“There are security cameras up outside the shop. It’s not just us affected but also customers. There are people coming round the corner (from Francis Street), with pushchairs or in wheelchairs and then bikes racing down the path.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “There have been a number of enforcement initiatives focussing on this issue in recent years, including Operation Oatmeal, that targeted all road users, both pedal-powered and motorised.

“We have to prioritise the tasks for our resources but will continue to deal with errant cyclists in the same way that we deal with other road users, with an expectation that all officers who come across illegal cycling deal with that issue as part of their routine police work.”

○ Rumblings has also had to remove its charity box due to several attempted thefts.


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