Plea to residents to stop feeding ducks after rats spotted

Rats have been spotted on the village pond
Rats have been spotted on the village pond
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Residents in Donington are being urged not to feed ducks in Donington after rats were spotted at a village pond.

Signs have been put up around the pond in Mill Lane asking people not to feed the ducks, but bread is still being left causing the problem.

Coun Jane King said: “A lot of bread is being thrown to the ducks and they aren’t eating it all.

“To rats it’s like ringing the dinner bell.

“The parish council is dealing with it and if the food supply is cut off for a while, hopefully, the problem can be sorted.

“There are notices on the fence but people are arriving with bread, see the notice and either ignore it or put the bread in the bin.

“We do know rats are lurking in there and don’t want anyone to get bitten.”