Plea to clear up dog mess

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A PET owner is pleading to fellow dog walkers after becoming fed-up with faeces on paths near her home.

Diane Reddish, of Holborn Road, says there are often piles of dog poo left on the streets in her estate, which is off Hawthorn Bank in Spalding.

Diane, who owns Chippy, a Yorkshire Terrier, says most owners are responsible but called on the few who don’t “scoop their poop” to act responsibly.

She said: “It is just about every day now.

“We went out on Sunday and there it was, outside our house looking at us!

“I have got a little dog and I just wouldn’t dream of letting him do anything and not picking it up.

“Most people on the estate do pick it up – I’ve seen them – but there’s some people not doing it and it’s not fair.”