Plea after pet cat poisoned

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A GEDNEY couple put out a plea to car owners to be careful with chemicals after their cat suffered suspected anti-freeze poisoning.

Their four-year-old pet, Oscar, had to be put to sleep on Thursday.

Dave and Kay Richards took Oscar to the vets after he arrived back at their St Mary’s Meadows home and vomited over the course of several hours.

Mr Richards said: “The vet said this may be anti-freeze poisoning.

“I have no grounds for saying this was deliberate but I have spoken to the police so they can log the incident in case they find it is part of a wider pattern.”

He said anti-freeze has a sweet-smelling ingredient that cats and dogs find attractive.

Mr Richards urged car owners to mop up any anti-freeze spillages – and to make sure any hazardous chemicals are kept in sealed containers, preferably inside locked garages or sheds.

Oscar was badly injured when he was hit by a car several years ago and his tail had to be amputated.

Mr Richards said: “It is very upsetting to lose him now.

“We thought perhaps he was over the major crisis after the road accident. He had really serious injuries and that was touch and go back then.”