PLAYING FIELD: Community should make decision

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To the community.

This is a quotation below that we uncovered in our search for justice for the people of Spalding over the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field.

The Football Association ground regulations: “The most senior club using an FA registered ground (the highest ranking club) must have priority fixtures.

“This means there indeed is a dominating organisation using the field.”

The Charity Commission says that the trust looking after the field is allowing this to be implemented outside the duties of the trustees.

This is a quotation below that the Charities Commission says about the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field.

“In our guidance for recreational charities. When considering the term “the public at large” our guidance RR 4 states that the Commission considers that: facilities must be available for anyone who wishes to use them, without being subject to any election to membership or payment of a prohibitive entrance fee or any personal qualification (age, gender race, financial circumstances, religious views etc.)”

One can understand why Coun Worth wants to stop any correspondence over the matter because by doing so the community do not know what is being covered up over the field or is this in his own words how he treats fairness and transparency or is it because there is an election pending? The inhabitants have to make up their minds – do they want this field to be used the way it is or do they want to use this field for their own recreation, under the trust deed of 1952.

The commission tells us that for any further decisions on the public benefit we should address the Trust (council ) and here we are being told that communication on this matter will be closed by one man – Coun Worth.

The decision should come from the community being the beneficiaries, because they only manage it on our behalf.

Bill Johnson

Spalding Community