PLAYING FIELD: Can I rent the field every week?

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Thank you Nick Worth (South Holland Council deputy leader) for your letter. But can you really claim to be getting best use of the playing field when the only bookings are the football club?

Why were floodlights installed? Why is Spalding FC social club located on the field? Presumably they have access whenever they need it?

I do hope that there are separate utility arrangements for the Tulips social club or are they paid by us?

If I book in advance for 2015 can I rent the field every Saturday from September to February?

Nick says Spalding FC would be subject to the same booking procedure as me so it should be fine.

I think it is time for an open public meeting to discuss the “arrangements” between SHDC and Spalding FC.

And thanks for confirming that the 37 councillors know about all the financial affairs of the Halley Stewart venue. And they really should hang thier heads in shame.

Steve Freeman