PLANS: Villagers want some answers

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On October 23, in the Spalding Guardian, you were kind enough to print a letter I wrote challenging Coun Chris Brewis on the claims he made in his own ‘newsletter’ which he circulated around the village. He said he had defended the citizens of Sutton Bridge against ‘the recent controversial planning decisions in our district’.

I wrote to your paper because previously I had challenged him in a private email, on a number of related issues, which he has not yet answered. 

Since then I have not seen a response to the printed letter in either of your two publications. Of course, he is not obliged to reply, I know, but I should have thought it would have been in his own interests to attempt to justify himself. Or perhaps he has no case to answer.

 Coun Brewis had another opportunity to support Sutton Bridge residents at the recent parish council meeting on October 28.

He failed to do this, unlike his fellow district councillor, Michael Booth, who said ‘he was ready to support Mrs Giles’ complaint because there are so many issues unanswered’.

Instead Mr Brewis’ main concern on that occasion seemed to be the fact that a resident was not allowed to speak at the South Holland District Council (SHDC) planning meeting. That is an important issue, of course, but surely in the scheme of things, the proposed combined harmful effects of the EDFB gas-fired power station and the EPSB biomass plant and the related safety issues are more important?

 He has been consistent in his unwillingness to object to either of the planned developments themselves.  On no occasion has he, to my knowledge, ever criticised the EPSB proposed development.

His objections to the EDFB plant amount to wanting filters in chimneys, attention to ambient noise levels and the fitting of air quality measuring devices.

His only comment made in my hearing on the EPSB plant was to ask how the developers would ensure that foreign bugs did not come in with any imported wood feedstock.

Why has he never made any observation about the gasifier/incinerator development, other than to say, as he did in 2009 that  ‘these things are going up all over the place so we might as well have one here...’?

Why has he never explained why he delivered leaflets on behalf of PREL in 2012? (He was thanked for doing so by Ms Rome at a public meeting.)

If he supported the concerns of the residents of Sutton Bridge, why did he not join the demonstration on July 2014?

Why did he say the demonstration ‘clogged up the village?’ 

Why did he complain about the temporary posters that advertised the reasons for the demonstration? 

Why did he persuade the parish council not to spend the agreed sum of £10,000 on seeking a judicial review? 

Why did he refuse to make the public case at the SHDC planning meeting on both occasions when the matters were up for discussion?

The people of Sutton Bridge would like some honest answers to these questions.

 So how about it, Councillor Brewis?

Janet Blundell