PLANNING: So much for Government policy

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Gary Porter, the leader of South Holland District Council, stated in your paper on June 6 that the members of the cabinet claim to be listening councillors.

We all know that many claims are made that are not true. It seems the Council only listens to those it wants to hear and it takes steps to gag other less welcome voices.

A few minutes before the August planning committee I witnessed such a gagging. A senior council officer told Sutton Bridge residents that the Wash and Sutton Bridge Protection Group would not be allowed to speak.

The group were registered to speak against the proposed EDF B 1800MW power station application.

In a local poll, 98 per cent of votes cast by Sutton Bridge residents called for a public inquiry to be called by the Secretary of State before a decision is made on the EDF B power station or the proposed biomass incinerator.

The group that was not allowed to speak expresses the

opposition of the local community to these proposals to turn our village in to a dumping ground.

We already have a large gas-fired power station, an on-shore wind farm and cables from an off -shore wind farm in our small rural community. We do not want another two power stations dumped on us.

In the event the planning committee was evenly divided with six members voting to object and seven voting not to object. The question remains: Why was the group not allowed to present its arguments to the committee?

So much for government policy that the views of those most affected by planning decisions should be listened to.

Brian Collins-McDougall

Sutton Bridge