PLANNING: He should realise he works for us rate payers

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I would just like to make a comment regarding the item in the Free Press regarding the redaction of comments (adverse or otherwise) that have been removed from planning applications.

According the to the report Roger Gambba-Jones (planning chairman) stated that... a small number of people were abusing the system by making argumentative and irrelevant comments – sometimes complaining about, arguing with or criticising someone else who had commented – and it was taking up too much 
officer time to investigate. Is he saying that comments/complaints will NOT be 
investigated if they are not published on the web? This is totally unacceptable in a democracy. In my view the council wanted to smother 
legitimate comment.

For example, I have this morning checked on the progress of an application for some 35 new homes to be built in Holbeach. All of the residents’ comments have been removed. Mr Gambba-Jones should realise that he works for us – the rate payers – not to satisfy his own personal agenda. There is an election in the offing.

HC Huett

via email

Note for (councillors) Francis Biggadyke and Nick Worth: If you agree with Mr.Gambba-Jones (or perhaps even voted for the new rule) perhaps you would contact me.