PLANNING: Chairman should be more humble in his approach

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Just who does he think he is? I refer, of course, to Coun Roger Gamba-Jones, chair of South Holland District Council’s planning committee.

How dare he accuse residents of abusing a system of “openness” that gives the general public the opportunity to air their views?

I have seen him in action and was not impressed by his leadership

If some people have been abusing the system by “arguing, complaining about, or criticising someone else”, then the simple answer is not to put such letters up on its website, not to negate everyone else’s right to comment. Every website has some code of conduct that it follows, so why not South Holland 
District Council?

It is just not good enough to say that residents’ letters can viewed at the council offices. How can anyone guarantee that they will be available? When two members of the Wash and Sutton Bridge Protection Group arranged to view some documents, they found when they arrived at Priory Road, that they were not available because one of the planners was reviewing them at home!

Coun Gamba-Jones should be more humble in his approach, not just to members of the public, but also members of his committee: I have seen him in action and was not impressed by his leadership.

Janet Blundell

via email