Planners say: ‘Let us get on with the job’

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COUNCILLORS have been asked to let planning officers get on with their job regarding a plan to build 35 affordable homes in Pinchbeck.

The second phase of Larkfield Homes’ development in Pennytoft Lane attracted a lengthy discussion at South Holland District Council’s planning meeting on Wednesday.

Residents had previously voiced objections to the removal of a mature hedge in Burma Avenue to allow access to the site during construction and much of the discussion focused on the maintenance of the thick boundary of trees and shrubs.

Planners recommended the development should be granted, subject to 20 conditions. Among them it was stated all trees, shrubs and bushes should be maintained by the owner of the land on which they were situated and the existing treeline along the northern and eastern boundaries of the site should be maintained.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones said residents had informed him the treeline was important to them, but there was concern about how it could be policed when some of the trees and shrubs were on private land.

Coun Chris Brewis said: “We know what these things can end up looking like – a half-nibbled at row of teeth. This application has the potential of ending up like this.”

Planning manager Paul Jackson said he was surprised the plan had attracted debate on maintenance of the treeline.

He said: “I would hope the councillors would accept it when we say we will maintain it.”

Parking provision was also discussed. Coun Gambba-Jones said he was disappointed there were no plans for two parking spaces.

He said: “This does not reflect today’s car ownership and the abysmal public transport.”

Richard Edwards, Larkfleet Homes planning director, said the plan would provide essential affordable housing.

He said: “We are delighted to have the parish council’s support and have worked to minimise the site’s impact.”