Pinchbeck: Victorian fundraiser for church

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THE Magic Lantern Society rescued Pinchbeck Baptist Church at the last minute, putting on a lantern show for its Victorian Evening on Friday.

The magic lanternist booked for the night was suddenly called into hospital for a routine operation, but the national society secretary, Richard Rigby, stepped into his shoes. The evening raised £370 and set the seal on weeks of fundraising.

Delighted minister Tony Kinnersley said: “It’s taken us almost exactly to the total that we needed, £3,500. We don’t think it is any coincidence, God doesn’t do coincidences.”

The first services for eight weeks were held in the church on Sunday since January 23. Builders had declared the whole ceiling potentially dangerous after a one-metre chunk of plaster fell overnight, hit the altar and showered the church with debris and dust.