Pinchbeck’s mills and millers

An old sepia photograph of Glenside Mill: SG070313-032AM
An old sepia photograph of Glenside Mill: SG070313-032AM
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There are still two windmills in Pinchbeck, Northgate Mill and Glenside Mill.

The Sellers family was at Northgate Mill from 1861 to 1901 and Hilary has a picture of miller James Sellers and all his employees standing in the yard.

On land close to the current Johnson Community Hospital near Vernatt’s Bridge stood one of Pinchbeck’s windmills – Sharpe’s or Coxell’s Mill.

The Sharpe family were there in the 19th century but the mill didn’t survive long into the 20th century.

In Rotten Row, close to the site of the railway station when it existed, was Rotten Row Mill. The Hill family was associated with the mill for many years, starting with Hardwick Hill in 1786, who was a miller and baker. The Hill family went right through to 1901 and the last miller, Simon Hill.

Finally, the Horse and Jockey Mill was a late brick-built mill constructed in 1820-30 in Small Drove Lane in Pinchbeck.