PINCHBECK PARISH COUNCIL: Chance to make case for village at Local Plan talks

Pinchbeck Parish Council news.

An ex-Pinchbeck Parish Council chairman is warning that a blueprint for future development in South Holland could “damage the way of life of this village”.

Coun Andrew Bowser, chairman between 2012 and 2013, is to put his concerns about the new South East Lincolnshire Local Plan and its estimate of the number of new homes needed in Pinchbeck at a meeting next month.

It’s the biggest thing that’s going to happen to this village in years as it will more than double in size

Coun Andrew Bowser, Pinchbeck Parish Council

Public hearings about the Local Plan, which sets out guidelines for housing and business development in South Holland over the next 20 years, are due to start on Tuesday.

Coun Bowser is due to meet Local Plan committee members on Tuesday, December 5.

But at Monday’s parish council meeting, Coun Bowser said: “The Local Plan is looking to take our village of 2,500 houses to one of 5,500 houses, with about 2,000 homes to be built on the border of Pinchbeck and Spalding.

“It’s the biggest thing that’s going to happen to this village in years as it will more than double in size, with the first wave of 1,000 houses coming before they join up the railway line with a new (Spalding) Western Relief Road.

“But the relief road is an aspiration which will cost £100million and, in the meantime, we’ll see hundreds of new houses that will damage the way of life of this village.”

An extract from the Local Plan said: “The need for a second urban extension in Spalding (after the 2,250-home Holland Park scheme) has been long-standing.

“However, two significant changes to the concept have been that the virtual merging of Pinchbeck and Spalding has been dropped for reasons of viability and it now makes provision for the majority of housing development to be delivered after the completion of the relief road, from Spalding Road to the A151 Bourne Road, thus avoiding the creation of a significant ‘cul-de-sac’ development.

“Land to the north of the Vernatt’s Drain will provide approximately 4,000 homes and supporting community infrastructure, the northern and part of the central sections of the relief road, plus significant open space, to be delivered in several phases.”

• Villagers in West Pinchbeck are set to go to the polls for the second time this year to choose a new parish councillor for their ward.

A successor to Sally Sneath, who resigned in June after ten years on Pinchbeck Parish Council, will be chosen after an election on Thursday, November 30.

On Monday, councillors were told that the election could cost up to £1,800.

• A Pinchbeck Parish Council member has come up with an idea to turn a derelict pub into homes and a medical centre.

Coun Douglas Dickens suggested to colleagues that South Holland District Council could apply to the Government to turn its housing company, Welland Homes, into a “real estate investment trust” and then buy The Bell Inn in Church Street.

• Pinchbeck’s annual Remembrance weekend is to start with the dedication of a new bench at the village’s Memorial Ground, off Rose Lane, on Friday at 10.40am.

The bench has been provided by village-based debt management firm Anglia UK as a goodwill gesture to celebrate the firm’s 20th year in business and the dedication will be led by the Rev Tony Kinnersley of Pinchbeck Baptist Church.

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