Pinchbeck homes trust reveals ideas for two village parks

  • Blue Gowt Lane and West Pinchbeck could benefit from community projects
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Trustees behind a group of affordable homes in Pinchbeck have laid out ideas to develop two areas of land in the village and neighbouring West Pinchbeck.

Pinchbeck Community Land Trust (PCLT) is in talks with parish councillors to turn a seven-acre site known in Blue Gowt Lane, off Market Way, into a park.

The trust is also interested in a much smaller plot of land near Glenside North, West Pinchbeck, which an anonymous donor has offered to Pinchbeck Parish Council as a “gift”.

Peter Saunders, chairman of the PCLT, said: “We have an amount of money building up in the bank from a ground rent paid by Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association on the land we own in Maurice Chappell Way.

“The trust’s original proposal was to build a park on the Blue Gowt Lane plot and, as a result of a community day we had at Pinchbeck Community Hub and Library two years ago, a piece of land was offered to us.

“But when the parish council looked at cemetery space in the village, it asked us if we would consider sharing the land offered whilst the council looked at extending the life of the existing cemetery.

We’ve gone back to the parish council with a proposal for an open green space and scope for a new cemetery in Pinchbeck as well

Peter Saunders, chairman of Pinchbeck Community Land Trust

“The PCLT had a meeting two weeks ago and we’ve gone back to the council with a proposal for an open green space and scope for a new cemetery in Pinchbeck as well.”

Mr Saunders also stated the trust’s interest in developing the land in West Pinchbeck as an “open space” for villagers.

“We’ve been aware of it for some time and although the land looks a bit scruffy, the PCLT has income on a regular basis that it wants to put back into both Pinchbeck and West Pinchbeck.”