Phones back after 20 days

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Residents of Hurdletree Bank, Holbeach, are catching up on phone calls, emails and Internet after 20 days without land lines.

Five BT customers lost their services on October 30 and had to make costly calls on their mobiles until Monday morning when the problem was fixed.

Resident Brenda Pearson last spoke to her sister in America in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and was worried about losing contact for so long.

Mrs Pearson said: “It only took two hours to get us back on. Why didn’t they do it 20 days ago?

“I had 239 emails to reply to and a lot of them were from my sister in America so I have emailed her.”

While the landline was down, Mrs Pearson’s incoming calls were diverted to her mobile.

But she’s had to make outgoing calls on her mobile and one to BT, that would have been free on her landline, costing £2.60.

Alison Bigley’s business Hurdletree Nurseries relies on internet sales and she had to make two-mile trips by car to use another computer while her phone was down.

Residents have been assured by BT that the problem has now been fixed.