Phoenix advisor’s top 10 tips for quitters

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Phoenix Stop Smoking Service advisor Georgina Barclay has 11 years’ experience as an advisor. Here she gives her top 10 tips for quitting the cigarettes for good:

1: You are four times more likely to quit through a stop smoking support service like Phoenix.

2. Use the products which can help you quit correctly – possibly using a combination of products together such as the nicotine patches and the inhalers.

3. Change your old routines.

4. Plan to quit smoking to prepare for the changes.

5. Think positively.

6. Take one day at a time – it’s a long process so don’t think too far ahead.

7. Get support from your family and friends.

8. Get to know the common withdrawl symptoms and be prepared for them.

9. Think about all the things you can buy and treat yourself to with the money you will save when you quit smoking.

10. Book an appointment with a Phoenix Support Service advisor now.