Petition launched against speeding

A petition has been launched to cut the speed limit through Holbeach St Johns to 30mph.
A petition has been launched to cut the speed limit through Holbeach St Johns to 30mph.
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Residents in Holbeach St Johns have launched a petition calling for action to stop drivers speeding through the village.

A petition with almost 160 names was presented to Holbeach parish councillors at a meeting on Monday by residents who want to see a 30mph imposed through Holbeach St Johns along Jekil’s Bank and Joy’s Bank.

The petition was prompted by a crash in the village two weeks ago when a 50-year-old man from Whaplode Drove was airlifted to hospital in Nottingham.

An extract from the petition said: “People from Holbeach St Johns have had enough of the speed of traffic through the village, many of whom are older people in fear of their lives and those of the drivers who speed through Holbeach St Johns.”

Jan Johnson (45) of Holbeach St Johns, who launched the petition, said: “Traffic speeding through the village has been of some concern for quite some time and it just appears to be getting worse.

“I thought it was about time we did something about it because it’s not going to be long before someone ends up as a fatality.

“A survey was done five years ago and the average speed recorded then was 41mph which is 1mph over the speed limit.

“Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has been very helpful and it’s put wheels in motion to do another survey for us through the parish council, hopefully some time in February.”

Katherine Cookson of Holbeach St Johns, one of the residents who have signed the petition, said: “Jekil’s Bank is a long road with 90-degree bends at both ends.

“But it’s not wide enough for lorries and over the years, we’ve had them screaming round the bends and nearly knocking poeple off their feet.

“My husband tries his best not to cross the road and there are several other people like us who think that judging the traffic is a bit like taking your life in your hands.”

Sue Cooper, senior highways officer at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “There isn’t a recorded history of speed-related accidents at this site but I do understand the concerns of residents.

“Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership will conduct a traffic survey in Holbeach St Johns and once this is completed, we can then consider if any highway changes are appropriate.”