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People in Gosberton are voicing their determination to keep their historic church open after the vicar revealed it could close because of sky-high bills.

The Rev Ian Walters says St Peter and St Paul’s could be lost because its small congregation cannot meet the yearly £40,000 bill for running costs.

He wants to open the church for greater public use – even for pop concerts – to help pay the bills.

Mr Walters is also keen to reach out to more people in the village to encourage them to use the church and Gosberton Public Hall.

“So many people just reside in the village and don’t take an interest,” he said. “We need to get the heart back into Gosberton and get people more interested and more supportive of their own village.”

Mr Walters says news of the possible loss of the church sparked a great deal of conversation, with some saying “definitely our church isn’t going to close”.

But he believes the church will have to improve communication, working out costs in detail and displaying the information to open people’s eyes to the actual expenditure.