People ‘really rude’ over Georgina’s hair colour

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IF EVERYONE who gave Georgina Clarke a funny look handed over £1, she would be well over her fundraising total.

IF EVERYONE who gave Georgina Clarke a funny look handed over £1, she would be well over her fundraising total.

But Georgina, who has dyed her hair to raise £300 for charity, says she has been left astounded by the number of judgemental people she has come across.

She says she has faced people pointing fingers, staring and pulling faces at her since she revealed her new purple look.

Georgina, of Carrington Close, Spalding, said: “I was really pleased with the colour. It’s so bright and it looks nice.

“As soon as I walked out of the hairdressers I started getting attention. People were really rude.”

“I find it quite comical now. It’s been a week and I’m getting used to it.”

Georgina’s colour change is part of the Sue Ryder Care Febru-Hairy campaign, which encourages fundraisers to grow a beard or moustache, have crazy hair, wear wigs or even to be waxed.

“I normally do a ten-mile walk for Sue Ryder Care but I couldn’t do it this year. By chance I saw something about Febru-Hairy,” said Georgina (34).

“I love playing around with my hair and I love punky colours. I wanted to have a bit of fun and make some money as well.”

The colour was put on by Mishishi in Spalding.

Georgina said: “Nothing has been said directly to me. I went into a shop to speak to a friend and when I’d gone her colleagues were saying ‘what has she done to her hair’.

“I have people stop directly in front of me. One man even bumped into a counter in Marks & Spencer because he wasn’t looking where he was going.

“The worse one was when I saw a woman gave a shop assistant a funny look. It was one of those looks as if I had crawled from under a rock and should not be there. I was quite upset by it.”

Georgina says she has found herself “blurting out” that it has been coloured for charity.

However, Georgina has also experienced how generous people can be with parents giving her spare change in the playground at Monkshouse Primary School when she picks up her seven-year-old son Louis.

A visit to a ball at Thorney Rugby Club also resulted in £60 of donations being handed over along with a percentage of the proceeds from the raffle.

She added: “I have a favourite quote from American civil rights activist Jesse Jackson. It says, ‘never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up’.”

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