Peering into the past: Spalding Grammar School

Photo project Spalding Grammar School  - 'Chelsea Turnell.
Photo project Spalding Grammar School - 'Chelsea Turnell.
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Spalding Grammar School is appealing to students and staff, both past and present, for their photos taken at the school.

The pictures will be used to create a timeline celebrating the school and its community throughout history, made by a professional artist.

Chelsea Turnell, communications and marketing manager at the school, said: “We want to create something that represents the school and its past, and we need as many photos as we can get, dating as far back as possible, to make the project a success.”

“We have had a great response on Facebook and Twitter, but we would like even more pictures, especially from people of an age who are not necessarily on the Internet.”

Those looking to partake can take their photos into the school or send them through the post with a self-addressed stamped envelope to be scanned and quickly returned.

Pictures can also be sent to Chelsea using the school’s social media accounts or via media@spaldinggram