PEDESTRIANS: Solutions are out there

'Much of the traffic is HGVs'
'Much of the traffic is HGVs'
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Recent articles in both the Lincolnshire Free Press and the Spalding Guardian have highlighted the deplorable state of a stretch of the footway on the eastern side of the B1173 between Little London Bridge and the start of Fen End Lane.

This problem has existed for some considerable time and earlier in the year resulted in a serious accident to a resident of Fen End Lane. There seems to be little prospect at present of the footway being repaired due to escalating costs.

As a resident of Fen End I understand the frustration of my neighbours who had previously used this footway on a regular basis and who were given to understand that repairs were to be started last May, but I should like to suggest that the continuing failure to solve this matter could have consequences for the wider population.

The footway and the road are on the raised Barrier Bank and the problem with the footway is caused by subsidence of this bank.

It is therefore possible that the road itself may start to fall away in this area.

Since the opening of the new A16, there appears to be more traffic on the B1173, which is the designated link road from town to the A16 and an access road for the Lincs Gateway development. Much of this is heavy goods traffic.

Failure to repair the footway and the underlying bank could therefore create problems for all the regular users of this road.

The footway forms part of the designated pedestrian access to the Lincs Gateway development. The poor state of the footway was already known at the time that planning permission was sought and granted. Government planning policy aims to encourage more sustainable methods of transport and to reduce the use of cars but this cannot be achieved with the location of the development on the edge of town and the current lack of safe pedestrian access. An obvious solution would seem to be the replacement of the existing footway by one on the other side of the road. This could also incorporate a cycleway which could not be accommodated on the existing narrow footway.

This idea was mentioned in the local press some time ago but since then no more has been heard of this scheme.

Is it not time that the appropriate agencies got together to resolve this matter?