PAVEMENT CYCLISTS: No respect for the law

Cyclists on pavements EMN-150828-110259001
Cyclists on pavements EMN-150828-110259001
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Last Thursday, while walking along Winsover Road near to the post office, I was almost knocked down by a cyclist who hit my arm as she rode past me on the pavement, with no apology from her for illegally riding on a pedestrian footpath.

I had to wait for my family to return and, while there, a further four bike riders went past on pavements on both sides of the road within half an hour.

Our police force are rarely seen in the town and they should get out of their cars and take a walk about to catch these people.

I know they cannot cover every road but I have seen police cars drive past cyclists riding on the pavement and this is when they should stop and reprimand these law breakers.

These people are not cyclists but bike riders, as club cyclists would not break the law and endanger pedestrians’ lives.

Until we get a police presence with on-the-spot fines, this practise of riding on the pavements will not stop. It continues to get worse day by day.

Something must be done now and not when pedestrians are injured.

I moved to Spalding 20 years ago when it was a nice, peaceful town. Unfortunately, it is now a hovel and full of people who have no respect for the law.

When is something going to be done to restore law, order and respect for one’s fellow citizens in Spalding?