Patrick’s loving the life of a Marine

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A Spalding Royal Marine Reservist is fulfilling a dream of seeing the world and getting fit at the same time.

Marine Reservist Patrick Hoey is currently deployed on Cougar 13, a major deployment of the Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group.

The Task Group – made up of four warships and five supply ships – is on a four month deployment to the Mediterranean and then into the Red Sea where they are exercising with partner nations.

One element of the Task Group is 42 Commando Royal Marines, the Royal Navy Lead Commando Group, of which Marine Hoey is a member.

So far the 22-year-old has been a part of exercises in Gibraltar and Albania, with many more on the horizon before the Task Group returns home before Christmas.

Mne Hoey, who attended Spalding Grammar School, joined the Marine Reserves in 2009. Despite not being a full time member of the Royal Marines it has not stopped him having a great time.

He said: “I joined to get fit, for one thing, and to learn more about the Corps. I had wanted to join the military from a young age; I was in the cadets at school. I was attracted by the lifestyle – the idea of PT and Adventure Training appealed to me.

“I eventually decided that the Corps, cold weather warfare and the mountain training seemed like a good idea.”

Having worked on Operation Olympics with the Royal Marine Reserves, Patrick joined Juliet Company, 42 Cdo RM in April before joining the Cougar deployment.

He said: “So far on Cougar 13 I’ve been to Gibraltar, then on to an exercise in Albania where we attacked an island via an amphibious assault and then practised a non-combatant evacuation operation.

“We then did an Adventure Training package in Turkey which was really good fun, 
really good adventurous training.”

Patrick is on a Full Time Reservist Service contract that will see him through to April 2014; he intends to extend it and plans to join the next batch of Royal Marine officers going through training at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Lympstone in September 2014.