Patricia will help you through ‘transition’

Patricia Everett of Transitions. Photo (NIKKI GRIFFIN) SG280612-224NG
Patricia Everett of Transitions. Photo (NIKKI GRIFFIN) SG280612-224NG
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REIKI master and slimming consultant Patricia Everett gives her clients individual attention for as long as it takes.

Both as a practitioner of the energy-directing complementary therapy of Reiki and as a Cambridge weight plan consultant, she works one to one and face to face.

She’s not for you if you instinctively need the support of a group of others in the same boat as yourself.

But if you’ve tried losing weight with a group and ended up back where you started not long afterwards, Patricia may provide just what you need.

Patricia calls her Spalding practice Transitions because her aim is to help you get to the bottom of why your lifestyle’s gone askew and change it to find a healthy balance.

Patricia said: “Most clients come to me because they want to lose weight, and the Cambridge Weight Plan is a personal and flexible way to achieve weight loss.

“Everyone fills out a medical form and based on that I’ll introduce them to the Cambridge plan products which are appropriate to their condition. A few people I have to tell I can’t help without their doctor’s agreement.

“The plan is very effective but its aim is to enable a person to live a healthy life with a healthy diet without any support from the Cambridge products, so they’ll never need to lose weight again.”

Patricia has been a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant since 2007 but her interest in Reiki goes back much further, to 1991 when she and her husband John were based in Saudi Arabia.

She said: “Reiki, which began in Japan in the 1920s, is a channelling of energy through the hands to stimulate the natural healing processes of body and mind. It’s a holistic approach which I bring to my weight counselling too.”

nPatricia sees clients above Salon 14 at 14 The Crescent, Spalding on Tuesday mornings and all day Thursday. Telephone 07756 769603 for appointments.