PARKING: Why on earth another 36 spaces?

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At the moment the car park spaces for the 48 bungalows in Lime Court, Spalding, is 16. Most of the residents are over 70.

For those who don’t know, Lime Court is to the east of the big church situated behind the White Horse pub. It takes between five and ten minutes to walk into the town centre.

Question to be answered. Why are another 36 car parking spaces being created? Are the mandarins from the tea house going to purchase a small car for each resident, leaving the last four spaces to be built between Lime Court and Oak Court?

The in-house residents have three cars which will leave 49 spaces, for what? I wonder how long it will be, after the event, before a parking ticket machine is in place to maximise the profitability for the council.

As another car park we will have cars leaving the court day and night, with all kinds of noise and speed.

The mandarins will tell us it will not be too bad, most of us geriatrics are somewhat deaf and partially blind, which would fall into the thoughts of our leaders.

We are past our sell-by dates.

M Mothers