‘Park nicely for the sake of kids’ safety’

Cars and cyclists in Westmoreland Road, Moulton. Photo: SG170913-138TW
Cars and cyclists in Westmoreland Road, Moulton. Photo: SG170913-138TW
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Parents have been warned about inconsiderate parking outside a village school after complaints from frustrated neighbours.

PCSOs visited Westmoreland Road in Moulton during drop off times on Monday and Tuesday and pick up time on Monday to hand out letters to parents.

The visits were in response to fears for the safety of children and the elderly residents of the street.

People living in Westmoreland Road also reported to police their frustration at being unable to leave their homes because of parents parking across their driveways.

And PCSO Bev Robinson says some of the examples of inconsiderate parking even frustrate other parents .

She said: “The people in Westmoreland Road have had problems with parents causing an obstruction and we are trying to assist them, but some people park and bends, for example, and that frustrates other parents.

“We have been at the school handing out polite letters to parents giving them a friendly warning about the need to park considerately.

“We have all got busy lifestyles but parents need to be sensible and park nicely and within the law.

“They must not cause an obstruction and they shouldn’t be parking on the zigzags.

“At the end of the day it is about their children’s safety and that of the residents of Westmoreland Road, many of whom are elderly.”

The PCSOs’ efforts have been backed up by the Moulton John Harrox School, which has also sent out letters.

Headteacher Daniel Pilsworth said: “The school has liaised with the local PCSO to work with the community and parents to ensure safe parking and consideration for children and local residents.”

Parish councillor David Goad also welcomed the initiative, saying: “This is an age old problem across the area and it is good to see the PCSOs dealing with it.

“It’s good to remind parents now and then about parking because otherwise it can all go to rack and ruin.”