PARK: A few dog owners spoil it for others

Dog owners don't want park locked up
Dog owners don't want park locked up
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Please can Mr John Hayes MP stop the park keeper of Carters Park from locking the dog area because a few people don’t pick up their dog poo?

The majority of people in Holbeach and surrounding areas enjoy this area and keep to the rules. As with the general public there’s always going to be a few people who don’t – but why should the majority suffer?

The park keeper is always locking park gates so people can’t walk through it. Who is instructing him to do this?

I am a blue badge holder and find the area very useful for exercising my dog. I am also a widow like a lot of other women and we find the company makes us very happy while our dogs play.

Now thanks to the park keeper, that has been taken away from us and there doesn’t seem to be anybody to deal with this.

The parish council won’t have this on their agenda for another month. Please try and help the people of Holbeach.