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Sutton Bridge Parish Council puts out warning over "thoughtless" firework displays

Sutton Bridge Parish Council has put out a warning to groups who have been gathering to watch unlicensed firework displays in park in the village.

Groups have been meeting to watch the displays and play loud music at Memorial Park, which is owned by the parish council, leading to concerns from nearby residents.

In a post on its website, the parish council asks anyone organising an event to stop now "for the good of the community."

Sutton Bridge scene settersMemorial Park including play/picnic and gym areas (4427285)
Sutton Bridge scene settersMemorial Park including play/picnic and gym areas (4427285)

The post states: "The parish council has been made aware of unauthorised fireworks having been set off in the Memorial Park, with groups gathering to watch unlicensed displays and play loud music. The Council does not permit the use of the park for such activities and specifically forbids such unauthorised displays.

"Many residents neighbouring the Park have reported the distress and anxiety that these fireworks and parties are causing, with family pets being especially affected.

"As the owner of the park, the parish Council considers letting off unauthorised fireworks and playing loud music in the park as anti-social behaviour, which is having a significantly negative impact on many residents, some of whom are elderly or infirm.

"For the good of the community, anyone organising such an event is asked to stop now, and anyone thinking about attending is asked to stay away.

"It is even more concerning that these events are being held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"As well as being thoughtless and irresponsible, under the current restrictions organising or attending such an event is likely to be illegal under the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the police are being urged to take such action as is necessary to stop these activities.

"Any evidence of anti-social behaviour captured on the parish council’s CCTV will be passed to the police. Also, anyone found responsible may be charged for damage caused to the park and for any clear up costs."

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