Parade will have the wow factor

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Organisers of the new People’s Parade in Spalding are taking the bull by the horns to offer spectators the wow factor.

Concerns have been expressed over how the new festival on Saturday, May 3, next year could have the pulling power of Spalding Flower Parade.

However, organisers are looking to Stamford’s Georgian Festival, the Stamford Bull Run, and Notting Hill Carnival for inspiration.

Jex and Son, of Weston Hills, has provided details of the cost of building trolleys to be used for floats and pulled along by representatives of local groups, businesses and schools.

Paul Winn, acting chairman of the organisers, said: “The firm has offered to make one for Weston Hills Primary School free and help with whatever they decide to put on top.

“This is an exciting start and shows how we can keep costs down and health and safety restrictions at a minimum, but still present a stunning show.”

Funding is also to be sought to hire costumes from Mahogony - a company that supplies to the Notting Hill Carnival.

Mr Winn said: “These costumes are used to enhance the parade and give it a wow factor.

“But what is most exciting about working with this company is it runs workshops in schools to teach carnival skills.

“Instructors go into schools to show students how to make stunning Notting Hill style costumes which they can wear on the day to increase the parade’s visual impact.

“There has been a lot of doubt that we could ever pull off anything like the Spalding Flower Parade and we are not aspiring to as we do not have the funding.

“But what this does show is we have an excellent starting point that can be built on.

“Now we need to hear from people interested in taking part or being a sponsor.”

Email paulwinn80@hot for details.