Panic at the pumps

Drivers rush to fill up their cars at Morrison's.
Drivers rush to fill up their cars at Morrison's.
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UPDATE: Friday, 8.45am: POLICE are urging motorists to use common sense and not add to congestion caused by panic buying fuel.

Lincolnshire Police say traffic was reported to be causing problems at six different service stations across the county yesterday.

Police spokesman Dick Holmes said there had been no reports of road rage or public disorder and most drivers appeared to be acting “calmly and within the law”.

He said: “Police advice is that drivers listen to the information reported frequently via national and local media.

“There is no current shortage of fuel other than that caused at some fuel outlets by trends of panic purchasing. The possible industrial action which may be taken by fuel supplier tanker drivers has not yet been confirmed. Therefore there is no need to stock up on fuel.

“We ask that people use their common sense and do not join fuel station queues that are encroaching onto the highway as they may become a potential hazard. The last thing we want is for anyone to be injured unnecessarily.

“Unless you are extremely low on fuel please continue your journey and refuel at a different location or at a time when the queues have receded.”

UPDATE: Thursday, 5pm: The fuel-buying panic gripping much of the nation today has caused the closure of Sainsbury’s forecourt.

Drivers were turned away from about 5pm.

Thursday, 4pm: QUEUES formed at petrol stations across the district today as drivers panic buy ahead of planned strikes by fuel tanker drivers.

By lunchtime Sainsbury’s staff were turning people away as diesel supplies ran out, with queues forming on the entrance road with people rushing to fill up.

Even longer queues were reported at Morrison’s forecourt in Pinchbeck, where cars were nose to tail as far back as the West Marsh Road roundabout.

Little London petrol station also saw queues, with one angry businessman accusing managers of profiteering as prices rose to 149.9p for diesel and 146.9p for unleaded.

Gardener Pete Long said: “It’s totally unfair. They have us over a barrel. I need diesel to fill up my vans and petrol for the lawnmowers and strimmers, but I won’t be going back to Little London now. I refuse to trade there after today.”