Owner’s search for her poorly pooch’s siblings

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A worried dog owner is searching for her poorly German Shepherd’s siblings in order to discover if they are suffering the same condition.

Gloria Howarth bought three-year-old Ellie from a dog owner in Pinchbeck and knew there were other puppies in the litter which went to local homes.

The kennel names of Ellie’s parents are Hansvale Darktroy (father) and Sweet Willow (mother).

Ellie suffers from anal furunculosis, which is very common in German Shepherds, but she is not responding to her current reatment, despite being under specialists at the Queen’s Veterinary School in Cambridge – the city university’s training school.

“Ellie was born with the condition,” said Gloria. “And it is highly likely that her siblings also have it.

“Fewer than five per cent of dogs fail to respond to the treatment, so I would like to get in touch with the other siblings’ owners to see if they have tried other forms of treatment to Ellie, as we have only one more option before she would have to undergo surgery – and obviously, we all want to avoid that.”

Anal furunculosis is an auto-immune disease, and results in lesions around the dog’s anus and sometimes down the legs, which are highly irritating and can lead a dog to self-harm.

The only option if treatment fails is surgery, which is likely to lead to incontinence for Ellie in the future.

Mrs Howarth knows she bought Ellie from a Mrs Turner in Pinchbeck, but has no other details.

“I just would like to find out if Ellie’s siblings have the same condition and if they have tried any different treatments. It’s a long shot – but we’re running out of options.”

• Do you own one of Ellie’s siblings, or think you may be able to help? Contact Gloria on 01487 710843.