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MAN'S BEST FRIEND: How your dog could help others

Would your furry friend like to support their less fortunate pals? They can become a Jerry Green Paw Pal for just £10, and support the needs of our dogs who are still searching for their own forever happiness.

Each of our Paw Pals will receive a gorgeous tag to hang on their collar or harness, and a Happy Tail story from one of the dogs whose lives they have helped to transform!

Visit our website shop section to find out more.

Make your dog a Paw Pal.
Make your dog a Paw Pal.

Keeping them cool in the sun

We’re all looking forward to summer, but it’s important to know how to keep your dog safe in the sunshine.

A paddling pool will keep your dog cool.
A paddling pool will keep your dog cool.

We have come up with some good tips to make sure they have fun in the sun.

One thing to be mindful of is how hot the pavements can get in summer months, since dog’s paw pads are extremely sensitive and can burn in only a few seconds.

So avoid going onto paved areas as temperatures begin to rise. A good idea would be to take your dog out at cooler times of the day, such as early morning or later in the evening, and if you are walking in the daytime, stick to shaded areas and grass.

Another thing is to always carry water when out with your dog – even if you’re on a short walk your furry companion might enjoy a short break and a quick drink.

Our final summer tip is to perhaps pick up a freezable toy, or a shallow plastic paddling pool for your dog.

This will keep them cool and makes for enrichment and a lot of good fun.

Teaching them to roll over

Now that things are starting to get a little bit closer to normality, it might be time to teach your best friend a trick or two and show off what they can do to friends and family who probably haven’t seen them in a while!

This week we will be teaching our dogs to roll over and you can do it too. For this trick your dog will already need to know a down cue – instructions on how to get them to roll are below:

· Ask your dog to go down, then with a treat in your hand hold it closely to their nose and slowly lure their head round so their nose is near their shoulder. Once they are in this position, deliver the reward.

· Repeat this step a few times. Once your dog is starting to understand what to do, turn their head towards their shoulder again and gradually start to move your hand further over their shoulder. They should start to lean over and as soon as your dog starts to shift their weight, reward them with a treat.

· Gradually increase how much they have to lean for the treat.

· As you increase the lean eventually your dog will end up lying on his side. When this happens reward them with a treat.

· Now that they are lying on their side start to move your hand (with the treat) further over their shoulder and away from them so that they follow your hand and roll over. Make sure your hand movement stays close to their nose otherwise they may be tempted to get up for the treat. Once they roll over treat and repeat until they seem to have the idea of rolling over.

· Once they are able to do this consistently with the treat, you can add a cue like ‘roll over’ and slowly start to remove the treat from your hand so they are just following your hand movement and the cue word. Ensure you always reward them once they have performed the trick.

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