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OUT IN THE GARDEN: Ask someone like Lionel

Is it me or do the heads of the water, electricity, telecoms and gas boards – that is if there are boards any more – all meet up once a year in a dimly lit room, whilst smoking large cigars and enjoying the odd brandy or two.

And at this meeting do they all stand in front of a large wall planner whilst taking it in turns to throw darts at it.

If their dart lands on an empty day then that’s the day they will dig up the road. However, they must have a secondary rule like the one in Bullseye which prohibits two darts from scoring on the same day.

Lione's garden always looks great (46312338)
Lione's garden always looks great (46312338)

That’s how it must work or why else would they schedule work on the same road in the same place for three different utility companies across a three week period?

Perhaps that’s part of their quality control: each utility company digs up the work of the previous company and then awards them points out of 10.

Perhaps they should take a leaf out of my neighbour Lionel’s book as his garden looks amazing year after year. Please stay with me here as there is a point coming.

Lionel is getting on in years and is not as spritely as he once was so to keep on top of his garden he gets help from his family, which has not been easy these past 12 months.

Now, Lionel knows from experience how things grow in his garden and when certain tasks need to be undertaken in order to ensure it always looks its best.

That’s no mean feat but like many successful gardeners out there he succeeds by simply planning around the seasons.

Whether it be when to give his plants some feed or when they need moving to a more sheltered spot etc. The list goes on.

Now nobody is ever going to know everything there is to know about gardening but the best place to get gardening advice is not of the internet or YouTube, it’s from real gardeners face to face – like the team we have here at Baytree or at any other local garden centre.

I say local because the further away you move the more the soil and micro climate changes.

Lionel is a dying breed but what’s great about Lionel is his passion for gardening and how he wants his family and his grandchildren to love gardening as much as he does.

With lockdown easing and with more people being able to meet outdoors, why not speak to your neighbour over the fence and learn how they grow their tomatoes or what they feed their prize-winning Dahlias.

The question is not really that important. It’s the engagement with someone who understands gardening, loves nature and wants to share their passion with you.

We can all learn something, that missing nugget which elevates even the novice gardener.

Gardening need not be difficult, there’s plenty of information out there contained in real people who exist in the real world and not just solely online.

Be more like Lionel and plan how to look after your garden and if you don’t know how to plan, ask a gardener and don’t be like the utility planners. That is unless you are a utility planner and if that’s the case then I’m sure you’re a great planner.

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