Our firefighters tackled fatal Boston blaze

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FIREFIGHTERS from Holbeach and Donington were among crews who responded to an explosion in Boston which killed five Lithuanian men.

The crews were called out to a unit on Broadfield Lane Industrial Estate at about 7.20pm on Wednesday.

They found a man outside with serious burns. Five men were found to have died in the building.

A spokesman said the intensity of the fire had buckled the unit’s roller shutters and a car outside had caught fire.

Firefighters used hydraulic cutting equipment to force their way in.

Police say they are looking at a number of lines of inquiry and have identified materials consistent with making alcohol.

Lincolnshire’s chief fire officer Dave Ramscar said: “In total, 35 firefighters attended this incident and, along with our control room staff, did an incredible job in very difficult circumstances.

“All the crews involved have been offered emotional support and counselling as, thankfully, most firefighters rarely experience an incident as serious as this.

“Our thoughts go out to the families of the men whose lives were tragically lost on Wednesday night, and to the sixth man who we understand is still in a hospital with severe burns.”