Our fight to save Sir Halley goes on

Adam McVeigh with his petition.
Adam McVeigh with his petition.
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A CAMPAIGNER has vowed to continue his petition against the possible loss of Spalding’s Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field despite a “productive” meeting with developers.

Adam McVeigh and a team of volunteers have been knocking on residents’ doors asking for their opinions on plans to build on the field as part of an overhaul of Holland Market.

Last week he met with the man behind Corbo’s plans, Michael Moran, after calling on him to clarify what is proposed for the town.

Mr McVeigh said: “After sucessfully establishing a dialogue with Michael, I have taken the decision to continue speaking to residents and collecting further signatures to coincide with the developer’s public consultation.

“That is not meant as a representation of our meeting being negative, much the opposite.

“I found our discussion to be productive and feel that with the relevant details taken from it I will be able to offer a level of clarity to residents who I now call on as part of my campaign.”

Mr Moran has said that there will be an extensive public consultation on plans to revitalise Holland Market with better retail and leisure facilities.

But Mr McVeigh believes not everyone will have the “time or confidence” to attend a public consultation, whereas they will happily give their views to him on their own doorstep.

He said: “If they have the time to answer their door then they are very often more than confident to speak their views assertively in the comfort of their own doorstep on their own terms.

“Those residents who do not wish to lose the Sir Halley Stewart Field from the town still deserve to have their objections presented by way of the petition and that is what I intend to do while maintaining a dialogue with Michael Moran.”