‘Our father was a terrorist and a tyrant’

Evil Lance Hart.
Evil Lance Hart.
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A man whose mum and sister were gunned down and killed last summer by his “terrorist” father has talked publicly about the incident for the first time.

In a moving Facebook post shared with the Free Press, Luke Hart (27) paid a loving tribute to his “indestructable” younger brother Ryan and launched a blistering attack on his “cowardly” dad.

Luke at the funeral of his mum and sister.

Luke at the funeral of his mum and sister.

He describes the years of torment mum Claire, sister Charlotte (19), he and Ryan (25) suffered at the hands of evil Lance Hart at their home in Hatt Close, Moulton, before the tyrant killed the two women and himself on July 19 last year at Castle Sports Complex in Spalding.

On Friday, Luke launched a fundraising page on crowdfunding website JustCaring to raise £25,000 for his brother’s future. Ryan is currently working abroad.

As we went to press, more than £6,000 had been raised. The Facebook post, which includes a moving video with pictures of Claire and Charlotte, has had more than 114,000 views, nearly 3,000 shares and around 250 messages of support.

Luke hopes his and Ryan’s story can encourage others to stand up to and speak out about domestic abuse.He says: “I hope it empowers those who are suffering to take action.”

Ryan Hart

Ryan Hart

Luke says his brother Ryan always put mum Claire and sister Charlotte first as he and his brother battled to save them from a live of terror.

He says that even though Ryan was working in Holland, he would come home every weekend to check they were okay and to resist his father’s behaviour.

“He would always look after mum and Charlotte and spent his money on them rather than himself. He always gave them a powerful optimism in what was a despairing situation for us all.

“Since July 19, it’s become clear to me that I wouldn’t be here without my little brother. I act strong, but he is strong. Even when we struggled through our darkest moments against our father, Ryan dared to remain resistant when I had broken down and couldn’t face any more.

“He was still able to love and believe in a world that our father had filled with hate.

“Ryan’s resilience and hope was perceived by our father as a rebuttal to his dominance. For that, Ryan suffered the strongest wrath from our father. Throughout it all, I had shut my emotions down because I simply didn’t have the courage to confront the reality of our situation; I became more detached and hidden within myself in an attempt to diminish the trauma.”

He went on to say that he and Ryan now live together with Claire and Charlotte’s beloved dogs Indi and Bella, when Ryan is not working away.

Luke added: “Ryan is the strongest, most kind-hearted person and refuses to let the hate triumph over the love he fought for. As we spend the rest of our lives rebuilding; as we look to find new things to believe in, new hope and new meaning, I want him to be free to be whoever he wants to be. My little brother is my hero and I love him.

• To donate, visit Facebook.com/luke.hart89 and click on the youcaring.com link