WORD ON THE GROUND: Spring work nearing completion

Simon Day
Simon Day
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We are nearing the completion of another spring planting campaign, with the first planted potatoes now emerging and will be due their first blight spray this week, to try and keep the crop disease free.

It is not the sort of weather that is conducive to blight at the moment, as moisture is needed and that is something we have very little of during April, when we recorded just 14mm, which is just 50 per cent of our 10-year average. We will also start irrigating our Maris Piper crop this week, to help with skin quality.

All other crops are slowly growing away, the vining peas are on plan and we only have one more field to drill in the programme that should be finished by the end of May.

The maize that we grow for our bio gas plant has been drill for a couple of weeks now, this will be emerging any day and we have irrigated a field of maize, as there was no moisture to get it going.

Over the next couple of months - before we get busy with harvest - the team will be servicing machinery, property and carrying out estate maintenance jobs and getting in the annual holidays which are always needed before a busy summer.

Open Farm Sunday is being held in the area this year by Oldershaws of Moulton at St Lambert’s Farm, Weston PE12 6RH, on the June 11. This will be a great free day out for all of the family to visit a working farm and learn about how the food you eat gets produced. There will be lots to see and do, so please pop along.

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