WORD ON THE GROUND: Crops all ready for sunshine

Grower Stafford Proctor
Grower Stafford Proctor
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The last of the potatoes and peas were sown into dry conditions in early May. This was partially alleviated by a gratefully received 50mm, but now more rain is needed.

Regionally, the harvest season has started with fresh, green vining peas being harvested and delivered to local freezing and canning factories.

There is comfort in the regularity of the farming calendar and the passing of nature’s seasons.

As a society, by comparison, we seem to be in a constant state of volatility and turmoil. Brexit and the General Election have produced unexpected outcomes.

In these tumultuous times, farmers need to ensure that the government recognise the importance of agriculture. To this end, the local NFU recently met with parliamentary candidates of all persuasions. This is especially important locally, where farming provides the raw materials for the Lincolnshire food industry, which is a key business for the UK.

Brexit trade negotiations must enable farmers to continue trade with Europe as well as ensuring imports are grown to similar environmental and welfare standards as UK-produced foods.

We need thriving rural communities and a safe and affordable domestic supply of food – in turbulent times we need a local and secure food supply.

June is a critical month for crop growth. The long days of bright sunlight not only enable our crops to achieve their potential, but also show off the countryside in its glory.

I hope many of you enjoyed visiting local farms recently for Open Farm Sunday. Simply spending time in the countryside puts the rest of the turbulent world into perspective.