What’s inside Spalding Gentlemen’s Society Museum?

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A regular column from Dr Patricia Buck of Spalding Gentlemen’s Society.

Season’s greetings from Spalding Gentlemen’s Society in Spalding.

I thought it would be appropriate for us to be looking at something delicate and pretty while we digest our turkey roasts and plum puddings!  

It’s a delight then, to rest our eyes on the collection of carved bone and ivory objects ‘used by ladies of the early Victorian period’.

They do conjure images of refined Victorian dress, afternoon pastimes and elegant manners.

Let your eye rest on the puzzle ball, carved in layers by a skilled hand.  Apparently the ball would have started as a solid sphere that was turned on a lathe.  The craftsman would then drill holes to the centre of the sphere and, working with ‘L’ shaped tools, each with a shorter length of handle, he would have carved out the separate balls one inside another.  

The game or puzzle for the owners of these is to get the holes and fretwork to line up. A tricky task of hand-eye co-ordination as they roll around inside one another.

 These trinkets are fragile reminders of times gone by.  Perfect dainties for dull December days.

• Our next Museum and Library Open Sunday will be on January 17. Do come visit with us and have a look around to see which artefacts and objects capture your interests or imagination.

If you would like a guided tour then contact us. Individuals and parties are welcome by arrangement.

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