We must not give in to terrorism

Editor Jeremy Ransome
Editor Jeremy Ransome
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EDITOR’S COMMENT: By Jeremy Ransome

Just like the rest of you, I was shocked, saddened and disgusted by the latest terrorist attack, in Manchester on Monday evening.

We musn’t give in to these people. Fear, confusion and division is what they want.

The fact that many of the victims were intentionally children made the sickening act even more deplorable.

Only two days earlier I had taken my son to a rock concert too, in Tranmere, where we joined thousands of others in watching the Libertines. The atmosphere was wonderful and the locals extremely welcoming as people of different sexes and ages came together for the same purpose – to innocently enjoy themselves watching a band perform.

My wife, although happy for our enjoyment, was not interested in attending. Now she doesn’t want my lad or my two girls going to any such event. She is scared that they may attend a large event targeted by terrorists.

But I shall persuade her to let us continue to enjoy such spectacles. We musn’t give in to these people. Fear, confusion and division is what they want.

People in this country may clash over politics, over sport and over other issues, but when it comes to events such as happened in Manchester, we unite with love, sympathy and generosity.

And it must always be that way.

• I still find it hard to believe that rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Geno Washington, Cream and Pink Floyd ever performed in Spalding 50 years ago – especially on the same bill.

I hope you all enjoy seeing the old pictures and reminiscences of Barbeque 67 in Thursday’s Spalding Guardian and, if you were there, I hope they bring back some special memories.


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