Trish Takes Five: Limbering up for a musical night

The cast of The Magic of Music. ANL-150304-151234001
The cast of The Magic of Music. ANL-150304-151234001
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Only six weeks to go until SADOS performs The Magic of Music at the South Holland centre in Spalding from May 20-23.

I know it’s edging nearer as we’ve already had Julian Wheeler from Welland Photo Services pop by to take a publicity shot.

At this stage in the rehearsal period we have to step up a gear. It’s no longer acceptable to have a goldfish mentality whereby harmonies and dance routines are completely forgotten in between rehearsals.

I need to start doing my homework: listen to the tracks, memorise lyrics and, despite my poor old bones begging for mercy, I must practise the dance routines.

I hadn’t quite anticipated the ensemble numbers would be so energetic. It serves the cast right for choosing You Can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray as the final number.

We tried it out last night and it involves jumping. Jumping, at my age? I could do myself a mischief with all that high impact malarkey.

Our excellent dance captain, Chelsea, got the hang of it pretty quickly, so I kept my eyes focused on her footwork whilst trying to stay anonymous in the back row.

The pace is less frenetic for All That Jazz, which has a small number of us trying very hard to be seductive.

There’s chair straddling involved. I haven’t had a good chair straddle since we performed The Witches of Eastwick in 2007. I’m hoping that once I don my fishnets the jazz legs will be as nimble as the jazz hands...

A chair is also involved in the routine for ‘9 to 5’, but this time I sit on it quite demurely whilst tapping my feet. This is my kind of choreography: sedentary.

If all this doesn’t have you clamouring to purchase tickets for the show then maybe I can tempt you by giving you a sneak peek at the set list. Our all­ female quartet will be singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight, there’s the gorgeous duet, I Know Him So Well, by Daisy Ivatt and Chelsea Turnell and the big voice of Daran Bland will be belting out Stars from Les Miserables.

Acorn Antiques’ Mrs Overall will also be shuffling on with her batch of ‘Macaroons’. You will be entertained with soulful ballads and uplifting numbers from shows including Wicked, Matilda, The King and I and Evita. With the kids from Act II adding their talents to the mix, there’ll be something to please all ages.

In the meantime, I must start moving. ‘Pinball Wizard’ is on my practice list for today and there’s an air guitar which needs strumming.

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