Tree cheers for our plans for woodland

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CABINET CALL: By South Holland District Councillor Christine Lawton

With the onset of autumn my mind has turned reflectively to trees.

All councillors receive complaints about trees, including leaves on footpaths, blocking light from homes, roots through pathways and it’s easy to think of them as problems.

At SHDC we do what we can to rectify problems, bearing in mind the Tree Preservation Orders often in place.

But in a personal way I am now thinking of the tree we wish to plant in memory of a loved relative, so we as a family have a thoughtful and positive attitude presently.

Our Corporate Plan includes the wish to plant woodland for the benefit of all our residents, and apropos of this I have received information about a scheme for free community tree packs for groups.

This initiative is provided by the Community Volunteering Charity and a national energy provider 
and has over 1,250 tree packs for groups wishing to take part.

The aim is to plant 250,000 trees over more than 1,000 sites. It sounds an excellent idea which is already in its second year of operation. Our Community Development Officer at SHDC has details of this project.

The tree theme continued recently when the Bloomers (our small band of Spalding in Bloom volunteers) took the East Midlands judges round the Spalding Cemetery which has almost 200 trees, some quite rare.

They were very impressed and no doubt the tour helped the town win another gold award.

We hope to catalogue the species and numbers of trees in the cemetery and volunteers to help with this project would be welcome.

The Cemetery has a melancholy beauty, and to the rear of the site on part of the Vernatts Nature Reserve is a small meadow which received a special prize for the best East Midlands Wildflower Conservation Area.

Part of my Portfolio includes Health and Wellbeing, and exercise and fresh air are thoroughly recommended as aids to keeping as healthy as possible.

The Health Walks are very popular, and long may they continue. Indeed the Local Government Association has called on GPs to prescribe exercise for patients.

So when walking (remember to watch out for tree roots) look up at the glorious trees which are all around us.

If I could also suggest you might like to collect conkers in the coming weeks (an elderly lady many years ago told me they should be placed in cupboards and drawers as a preventative against moths). Good Walking.