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Spalding and District Young Farmers' Club treasurer Will Tyrrell.
Spalding and District Young Farmers' Club treasurer Will Tyrrell.
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I farm in partnership with my father on our family farm and I’m also currently treasurer of Spalding and District Young Farmers’ Club.

On the farm we’ve completed planting potatoes, and the sugar beet drilled a few weeks ago is gradually increasing in size. Most other operations are relatively up to date, but late for the time of the year, especially the flower crops.

We are now waiting for the weather to do its thing!

Yesterday evening we had out final Young Farmers’ Club committee meeting of the year, before the Annual General Meeting which heralds the start of a new year. Before this is the finale of the year, the County Rally, which I’m sure many readers will have fond memories of. By the time you read this we will know how well the club has done.

There have been discussion in the press over whether young people should be encouraged into the industry.

As a young entrant I feel there should be more opportunities and encouragement to enter. I’ve been very lucky in joining the family business, but many don’t have that opportunity.

Our parents and grandparents had starter holdings for first steps on the ladder, which seem to have been swallowed up by larger businesses.

Is it time to rethink this policy before we lose a new, keen, younger generation?