The day that changes it all

Carolyn Aldiss
Carolyn Aldiss
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So, this week I have been trying out something new - I started a detox with a company that sell Aloe Vera. This may seem a daft time to start, particularly with Easter Sunday coming up, but as I failed miserably with giving up chocolate for Lent (I lasted 2 days before I found some left over from Christmas at the back of the cupboard – not the healthiest breakfast I’ve ever had), I felt it was necessary to just get on with it. There will always be a special occasion coming up to make me think “Oh, when this is out of the way, then I will start to eat healthier…” Many years of procrastination have left me slightly overweight, really fed up and with a raised cholesterol level – enough is enough.

It’s not easy making a decision that changes your life…it takes determination, strength and encouragement from others. I started on a “9 day cleanse”, with the first 2 days being described as hard. This involved taking tablets and drinking Aloe Vera gel in its purest form, which if I’m honest, smelt like Cif and tasted so bad, I gagged on the first swallow; it was a good job my stomach was empty. I had a moment of panic, thinking that I really didn’t want to go through with it, but then remembered why I had committed to it in the first place – it’s going to be good for me – and gulped the rest down.

Attaching the receipt to the fridge helped my motivation as it’s not cheap.

I started last Friday, as I knew I would be able to rest over the weekend if I felt tired or light headed, as the only foods permitted were certain fruits and vegetables. I felt quite rough and also nauseous, which was weird as my stomach was fairly empty.

Those first 2 days felt very long and drawn out - if you ever feel like life is passing by too quickly, try a detox…you truly see every minute of every hour.

The third day changed everything. I woke up and felt full of energy – I never thought I would see those words together in relation to me, as I am usually very groggy in the morning. I bounded, yes, bounded down the stairs as I had to weigh myself as part of the plan and discovered, oh joy, that I was 4 pounds lighter. I felt great and after church, played badminton with my daughters and walked for an hour, energised and happy.

When I ate my simple meal, I savoured every bite; I’ve learned that junk food dulls the taste buds and so having removed it, I could taste the goodness again.

Although last Friday seemed a bad day, it turns out it was good for me.

I can see similarities with an Easter Sunday 26 years ago, when an angry, selfish 15 year old was baptised, a kind of “spiritual” detox. I was cleansed and only then realised how much “junk” I had built up in my life.

For me, Easter Sunday represents another third day that changed everything.