TAKE FIVE WITH TRISH: That’s the wonder of wigwams ...

Toasting marshmallows needs Dougie's full concentration
Toasting marshmallows needs Dougie's full concentration
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Remember when you were little and you wanted to go camping but weren’t sure whether you’d like it or not? Chances are your parents would let you set up a tent in the back garden; if you were scared or cold you could always run back into the house during the night.

I had similar feelings last week when I was asked by Patrick and Anne Mews, owners of Crowtree Wigwams, to try a night of glamping. As the site is in Wragg Marsh, about 15 minutes’ drive away, what better way to test out the facilities, in the knowledge that if I woke up needing my teddy bear, I could just come home.

Wigwam Holidays is a national company which has sites all over the UK, featuring their state-of-the-art timber cabins, designed to give you all the best bits of camping but with more home comforts.

All nine camping pods at Crowtree are top-of-the-range Running Water Wigwams, which are bigger and better equipped than the smaller Wee Brave and Big Chief pods you can find at other sites. As the name suggests, there’s running water in the form of an ensuite bathroom with shower together with a kitchen which includes a hob, microwave and fridge.

When we opened the door to No. 8, Pigeon’s Fancy, we were struck by how well constructed and finished it was and there was an appealing aroma of seasoned wood.

Inside the heated cabin was a comfortable double bed plus a large sofa bed, a table and four chairs. There was even a heated towel rail in the bathroom, ideal for pampered campers like me.

Anne tells me the wigwams are often booked by family groups or people bringing their dogs for bracing walks along the river bank. Both Dougie and I agreed that Crowtree Wigwams would be a great place for any friends and family who were looking for accommodation in South Holland. Imagine booking the whole site for a big celebratory weekend?

Information in the cabin suggests walking to Fosdyke Bridge for lunch at The Ship Inn or heading out in the other direction to Springfields. We only had time for a quick stroll to the riverbank. We looked longingly across the water to another Ship Inn at Surfleet but, with no way to access it, returned to our cosy cabin where a bottle of red wine beckoned.

That evening, as the sun set, we toasted marshmallows on the fire pit we had hired for the night. Enveloped by the silence and the beauty of Lincolnshire’s big skies, we felt a world away from home.

The next morning, after a hot shower and a cuppa, we reluctantly packed our bags. Our foray into glamping had been a great success.

“I’d definitely do this again,” said Dougie. “We could do a wigwam road trip around the UK. There’s lots of sites in Scotland. Let’s start there!”

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